The Salad and Smoothie Market was designed with the healthy and freshest ingredients in mind. Opened in the winter of 2017 in Princeton, New Jersey. Customer service is key here. If you don’t see your favorite Salad or Smoothie here on our menu board allow us to create it for you. Homemade dressings for salads, hot oatmeal and healthy snacks provide a special touch to our shoppe. Smoothies are made with frozen fruit and vegetables and healthy liquids such as soy, coconut and almond milk. No ice fillers found here. An endless amount of special add ins can provide your Smoothie, Salad and Oatmeal with a unique flavor. Our friendly team will create you a spectacular Salad or Smoothie with a smile and a friendly conversation. We truly look forward to seeing you! 


Our commitment to the environment: We use recyclable salad containers, oatmeal containers and smoothie cups to help do our part in preserving the environment. Even if your container has little bit of food residue left on it, we can recycle it. 

The Salad & Smoothie Market

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