Yes you heard that right. Smoothie Cakes are a healthy alternative to the classic favorite. Made with two different layers of your favorite smoothies, containing delicious fruits, between a center of a fixing/crunch of your choice, the cake is then frozen and decorated by an expert hand. Whether its for a party or just because your guests and you are sure to enjoy this treat without feeling guilty. 


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4 inch Round Baby Cake (2-4 ppl): $19.95

8 inch Round Cake (8-10 ppl): $24.95

10 inch Round Cake (12-16 ppl): $29.95

12 inch Round Cake (18-22 ppl): $35.95

Half Sheet Cake (24-28 ppl): $44.95

Full Sheet Cake (35-40 ppl): $64.95

Note: Please allow two days notice for Cake Orders



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